Community Outreaches
After a community meeting about the services of RuWCED's counselling centers
Community learning and exchange
Community exchange and learning with women from indigenous communities
GBV during COVID-19
Reflecting on girls' right to education and their VAWG related challenges in times of COVID-19 and conflicts
Discussing girls' right to education
Community exchange on girls' right to education
We Are Making a Difference
RuWCED's youths during National Youth Day 2015
Reproductive Health Talk
Sensitizing secondary school students on HIV/AIDS
Trained peer educators ready for HIV/AIDS Sensitization and prevention
We are determined to make the zero new infection target a reality. If it happens, please know that being HIV+ is not a dead sentence. Call our help l...
Celebrating 2016 National youth day in Ndop-Cameroon
Youths are the strength of our rural communities. RuWCED's team made the difference
Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Reaching out to secondary school students during an HIV/AID-sexual and reproductive health education outreach
Mama Rural
A task she carries, a responsibility she bears a wife to a husband, and a mother to children, the hidden treasure from despised eyes!
Getting the community involved
Community leaders, parents, teachers and primary school pupils during our Education talks campaign
Sport, a healthy lifestyle!
Doing sports helps our women stay in shape!
Girl Child Education
Presenting school materials to some of our rural girls
Engaging Communities
Connecting Youths
Women's Day 2015
Reaching Out to the Youths
RuWCED's Sport for Health Session
Staff and pupils exercising after health talks
RuWCED's 2014/2015 IT graduating students
We are happy to have young dynamic girls graduating with computer diplomas from our training center
Our Youths performing for the community
Craft-work, drama, singing , as well as dancing is part of our recreational activities
Serving our Communities through Creative Sewing
RuWCED's Community Computer Training Center
Encouraging girls to get involved in Information Tecnology
Adolescent SRH
Reaching out to young boys and girls in our community

Together we can help rural women and children survive the challenges of HIV/AIDS and stigma, lack of education, cultural discrimination, poverty, poor health and sanitation.


The Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED)-Cameroon is a not-for-profit grassroots and nationally accredited organization that works to promote the health, education, livelihoods, human rights and development of rural women, girls, youths and children.

We work in collaboration with community based women groups, traditional councils, religious leaders, schools and health centers. We also explore and extend the relationship between resources, women's health and women's human rights in a bit to promote a humanistic vision of bodily integrity and well-being.

In most rural communities, there is no guarantee that a rural woman will escape maternal death in either of it forms. You can however, ensure some degree of guarantee with your services, gift or sponsorship.

Most of these young girls cannot afford for pads, and tend to use dirty cloths and leaves during their menses. This causes many to shy away from classes because their dresses always get stained. 



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 RuWCED Uses Music and Theatre Arts to Sensitize the Population on CSE, GBV and VAWG

RuWCED Concert1RuWCED organised the third Edition of the Rap Concert to sensitize a multitude on Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Gender-Based Violence and Violence against Women and Girls Continue reading


Elimination of GBV/VAWG/HP: RuWCED Sensitizes Hundreds of Households in Ngoketungia Division

RuWCED SEN RHundreds of households in Babessi, Balikumbat and Ndop central subdivisions of Ngoketunjia Division welcomed RuWCED team for several weeks and benefited from sensitizations on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Gender Based Violence (GBV) and the importance of educating the girl child. Continue reading... 

RuWCED Encourages Exchange of Ideas in Favour of the Girl Child Education to Deconstruct the Drivers of GBV/VAWG/HP 

RuWCED 2In two different dialogue sessions with parents and children in the villages of Babessi and Bamessing of the Ngoketunjia Division late in December 2020 and early January 2021, Continue reading...

RuWCED Equips Nurses in Ngoketunjia with Knowledge on Post Abortion Care 

Ndop 1One year after training nurses in the Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region of Cameroon on Post Abortion Care (PAC), RuWCED returned for a refresher training. continue reading...



RuWCED Trains Medical Personnel on Non-Judgmental Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Provision in Koutaba

RuWCED Koutaba ARuWCED has on October 12, trained medical personnel on non-judgmental Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Service provision in Koutaba, West Region of Cameroon. continue reading...


COVID-19: RuWCED Organizes a Wide Campaign to Curb the Spread

of COVID-19, Reduces GBV/VAWG and SRHR Violation

COVaRuWCED, in its capacity to empower communities in the thirteen villages of Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest Region Cameroon invited community leaders and nurses for empowerment on managing and preventing COVID-19. continue reading...


COVID-19 Challenge: RuWCED Awards Prizes and Certificates to Winners

COVIDWith 49 applications, 12 winners of the recently launched COVID-19 Challenge, were excited to receive their certificates and prizes at RuWCED branch in Bamenda on April 16, 2020. Six of them who are based in Bamenda, attended the ceremony. continue reading...

RuWCED continues with the prevention of COVID-19 in Ngoketunjia Division

COVID 19 1RuWCED proceeded with some activities; providing hand washing buckets and soaps for people in the community. We placed these buckets in different places; at the market entrance, park, checkpoints etc, to encourage hand washing. continue reading...


 RuWCED's COVID 19 Challenge, March  2020RuWCED COVIC 19


Capacity Building of RuWCED Staff

CBSome RuWCED staff participated in a three-day training workshop of Community Health Workers (CHWs) on self-administration of Sayana Press, which took place recently in Mbouda, West Region of Cameroon. Continue reading...


World's Children's Day 2019: NW Children Cautined on their Rights Amidst Ongoing Crisis

WCDPrior to the commemoration of World Children’s Day, RuWCED and partners mobilised close to 200 children in Bamenda, on November 17, 2019. Continue reading...


 RuWCED Graduates batch of Girls Club

GC    The first batch of RuWCED's Girrls Club made oup of 25 girls graduated at the branch office RuWCED Bamenda. Continue reading...

    RuWCED Continues to Expand SRHR to PLWDs    PLWD RuWCED held another meeting withPersons Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) to equip them with knowledge, Continue reading...


RuWCED Trains Stakeholders on the Danger of Unsafe Abortions and Abortions Related issues

StakeholdersDuring series of seminars organized from November 13 to 15, RuWCED equipped medical doctors, nurses, peer educators, journalists, school counselors and religious youth leaders. Continue reading…


Fight Against Cervical and Breast Cancer: RuWCED Reaches out to Hundreds of Women in Ndop Again

CancerIn another two-day free campaign and consultation for cervical and breast cancer as well as free screening for HIV/AIDS. Continue reading…


RuWCED Embarks on a Two-day Outreach and Free Consultation of Cervical and Breast Cancer in Ndop

Ndop Cervical CancerA two-day outreach and free consultation of cervical and breast cancer was organized and carried out by the Rural Women Center For Education And Development (RuWCED) at the Ndop District Hospital on the 9th and 10th of September 2019. Continue reading…



RuWCED Enlightens Persons with Disabilities on the Concept of Family Planning

DisabilityAbout 30 PLWDs benefited from educative talks on Family Planning, in a forum organized by RuWCED in partnership with Special Needs Entrepreneur Group (SNEG-MC) last August 4, 2019, in Bamenda. Continue reading…



Disability WHD Girlsadvocates

AIDS Holidays6 Postabortion WHDNdop


           Together We Are Making A Difference