Community Outreaches
After a community meeting about the services of RuWCED's counselling centers
Community learning and exchange
Community exchange and learning with women from indigenous communities
GBV during COVID-19
Reflecting on girls' right to education and their VAWG related challenges in times of COVID-19 and conflicts
Discussing girls' right to education
Community exchange on girls' right to education
We Are Making a Difference
RuWCED's youths during National Youth Day 2015
Reproductive Health Talk
Sensitizing secondary school students on HIV/AIDS
Trained peer educators ready for HIV/AIDS Sensitization and prevention
We are determined to make the zero new infection target a reality. If it happens, please know that being HIV+ is not a dead sentence. Call our help l...
Celebrating 2016 National youth day in Ndop-Cameroon
Youths are the strength of our rural communities. RuWCED's team made the difference
Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Reaching out to secondary school students during an HIV/AID-sexual and reproductive health education outreach
Mama Rural
A task she carries, a responsibility she bears a wife to a husband, and a mother to children, the hidden treasure from despised eyes!
Getting the community involved
Community leaders, parents, teachers and primary school pupils during our Education talks campaign
Sport, a healthy lifestyle!
Doing sport helps our women stay in shape!
Girl Child Education
Presenting school materials to some of our rural girls
Engaging Communities
Connecting Youths
Women's Day 2015
Reaching Out to the Youths
RuWCED's Sport for Health Session
Staff and pupils exercising after health talks
RuWCED's 2014/2015 IT graduating students
We are happy to have young dynamic girls graduating with computer diplomas from our training center
Our Youths performing for the community
Craft-work, drama, singing , as well as dancing is part of our recreational activities
Serving our Communities through Creative Sewing
RuWCED's Community Computer Training Center
Encouraging girls to get involved in Information Tecnology
Adolescent SRH
Reaching out to young boys and girls in our community
Empowering Young Girls
Equiping girls with SRHR knowledge, Human Rights and Leadership skils.

 Agro 1B


As RuWCED-Cameroon commemorated World Earth Day on April 22 under the theme, « Restore Our Earth », we assessed its nursery of 3500 fruits and agroforestry trees which will be planted along degraded watersheds in Bamenda. RuWCED-Cameroon recognizes that massive tree planting can contribute to restoring the earth through removing or filtering pollutants that would otherwise wind up in our waterways. Tree-planting also helps to reduce erosion, increase soil fertility, lower water tables, lessen the risks of salinization, and help stabilize water supplies.

    Agro 1A   Agro 1B   Agro 1C

Prior to nursing the 3500 fruit trees, RuWCED started by training 35 IDP women from different farming groups on nursery and tree planting, agro-ecology technique, and watershed management at the Regional Nursery in Bamenda. After all presentations and practical/demonstration sessions, participants could not hide their gratitude to RuWCED for the training as they cited some practices they have been carrying out ignorantly which was affecting the environment. They attested that the training served as an eye opener for them and that when they go back home, they will make sure they share the lessons they’ve learned to other farmers in their respective women and farming groups.