Loveline Yimtsa

Loveline is RuWCED's Lead Nurse and Gender Officer responsible for our Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Rights Program among others. She is a State Registered nurse and holds a Bsc in Community Nursing. Loveline works closely with local partners in implementing our programs in the North West and West regions of Cameroon, and especially in the 13 villages of Ngoketunjia Division. She has extensive experience in VAWG programming - Gender mainstreaming and Women's empowerment - Reproductive health and sexual issues in emergency situations.

Loveline loves educating rural youths and women on community health issues and has as motto, 'in God I trust'.





Rabiatou Aliyu

Rabi has an educational background in Journalism and Media from the National Polytechnic Bamenda in affiliation with the University of Buea. She is the head of the communication department at RuWCED. Rabi acquired experience by working with NGOs, an INGO, parastatals, and private companies in Cameroon. She is passionate about raising girls' and women's aspirations, empowering people, advocating to end VAWG and GBV.

Rabi is inventive, creative and a multi-talented youth, with natural skills.   





Vera Wirsiy

Vera is a trained teacher with great skills in leadership, management and capacity building.  She has great experience in computing (computer software, secretariat duty and documentation). Vera holds an MA in Management Sciences and  is the Coordinator of RuWCED-Ndop and is in charge of the office coordination and the supervision of our computer department. Also, she gives educational talks on hygiene and reproductive health to young girls within primary and secondary schools in Ngoketunjia Division.

Vera has as motor; “work as if there is no tomorrow”, and she feels great when she is the reason for someone’s smile.





Yvonne Leinyuy

Yvonne is a seamstress and designer with extensive experience in sewing and dressmaking. At RuWCED, she is the head of the Sewing and Dressmaking Department of our Ndop Office. She trains our sewing students and sews dresses/uniform for primary and secondary school students, orphans and school drop-out children. Yvonne has a great passion for vulnerable children and is committed to serving the rural communities using her talents. During her extra time, she likes farming, cooking and singing.




Sylvie Ngon

Sylvie holds a National Diploma in Computing and Advance Level Certificate of Education. She has been trained on secretariat and office automation duties. Sylvie is an Administrative/Teaching assistant  at RuWCED where she obtained her Diploma. Here, she train students on office automation and secretariat duties. She is very sociable and friendly. She derives much pleasure when her students prove understanding. She is very conscientious, likes the progress of others and above all, is optimistic and determined.

Sylvia has as motto: “move slowly and courageously”.  





Forsab Akuro

Forsab holds a Msc in Agricultural Biotechnology, an MPH with specialty in Community Health and a Bsc in Microbiology. During his training, he gained skills in plant biotechnology, crop protection, plant breeding, plant nutrition etc. He finds pleasure in working in the field, especially in rural areas and changing lives through capacity building and knowledge transfer. Forsab is the Coordinator of RuWCED-Bamenda.  He believes that one man can make a difference and that we need one another’s abilities to succeed and showcase our own talents. In his free time, Forsab likes reading philosophy and doing sports.




Clare profile Clare Akalambi

Clare  is a trained Development Communicator, Journalist, Photojournalist and Public Relations officer, passionate about children's and youth's development, mental health, environmental protection, and community development. She holds a Msc in Communication and Development Studies from the University of Bamenda. She is presently the Communication Officer of RuWCED-Cameroon, where she uses her skills and knowledge to effect change in the community, especially on GBV prevention, promotion of girl child education, and peace building. She’s got a warrior spirit and has the mantra "Fight On."



Norah profile



Norah Ngwa

Norah is a development communicator, GBV activist, Public Relations Officer, script writer, actor, and community engagement officer with a passion for improving the livelihoods and opportunities for women, girls, and children. She holds a Msc in Communication and Development Studies from the University of Bamenda and is presently a master’s student in the same field. She works as the Community Engagement and Theatre of the Oppressed Officer of RuWCED-Cameroon. She is in charge of community sensitization, popular theatre pieces, and fieldwork activities on GBV, VAWG, HP, and SRHR.

Her motto is "Serve Humanity First."


Laura profileLaura Abonge

Laura holds a Msc in Geography and Planning from the University of Bamenda. She is an advocate for environmental conservation, climate change and also a GBV advocate. She is currently working at RuWCED-Cameroon as the Project Officer. She is in charge of fieldwork, community sensitisation on the importance of girl child education, promoting SRHR,  prevention of GBV/VAWG/HP, as well as girls/women and environmental issues..





Chefor Profile

 Chefor Ndah

Chefor is a holder of an MBA in Finance from the Rome Business School. He is interested in youth capacity building, especially in the aspect of leadership. He loves to teach youths how to develop their leadership skills, making them understand what leadership is all about and how to develop their unique leadership skills in them. He is the main leadership trainer of RuWCED's Girls Club. He is the Finance Officer of RuWCED-Cameroon.



Felicia ProfileFelicia Kalingo

Felicia  has an Accounting background and is a trained professional in Management and Entrepreneurship from the Higher Institute of Commerce and Management (HICM), University of Bamenda. She is the  Procurement Officer at RuWCED Cameroon. Felicia has strong analytical skills and the ability to prepare financial statements. Felicia receives request, prepares call for tender, organizes selection committee meetings, prepares purchase orders and request for payments. She has passion for social entrepreneurship, GBV advocacy and women/girls’ empowerment.

Her Motto is "I am accountable to my community and my authority."