All the work we do at Rural Women Center for Education and Development is supported by contributions from our members, donors and supporters. As a not-for-profit  charity organization we entirely depend on generous donations and support. We welcome assistance in kind and cash from individuals, families, organizations, foundations, volunteers, friends and well-wishers from all over the world.

In most rural communities within which we are working, there is no guarantee that a rural girl or woman will escape maternal death in either of its forms. You can however, ensure some degree of guarantee with your services, gift or sponsorship.

Donations to RuWCED help transform the lives of rural women and enhance sustainable community education, development and health around the world.

Most young girls in rural Cameroon can't afford for pads, and tend to use dirty cloths and leaves during their menses. You can join us in making a difference by assisting a rural girl.

Your donation in any form and amount is highly appreciated!