RuWCED has currently launched a call for applications from interested IDPs (women and girls) to participate in a training program for the production of clean cooking stoves. The program will provide training on the health effects of indoor air pollution from inefficient burning of firewood using the “03 stone fire side.” Participants will receive a clean cooking stove at the end of the training.

As part of the activities of the new Agro-Ecology project that RuWCED launched recently, the program will provide training for women on sustainable watershed management and the production of clean cooking stove. The focus is on women because; they are exposed to smoke from the fireside more than others do. It is dangerous to their health and it is time-consuming. The time which they use to fetch wood to use in the kitchen, could be invested in something productive like in school or learning a trade. More so, the transition to cleaner cooking stoves means less deforestation for fuel wood. The project also encourages planting of trees along watersheds to promote afforestation, improve climatic conditions and purify water bodies.

Interested candidates should either call or text the following information: Name, phone number, current location and previous location to the number 681740538 or come directly to our office at Che Street adjacent Faith Building, last floor to register and get additional information on the application process.