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As RuWCED-Cameroon commemorated World Earth Day on April 22 under the theme, « Restore Our Earth », we assessed its nursery of 3500 fruits and agroforestry trees which will be planted along degraded watersheds in Bamenda. RuWCED-Cameroon recognizes that massive tree planting can contribute to restoring the earth through removing or filtering pollutants that would otherwise wind up in our waterways. Tree-planting also helps to reduce erosion, increase soil fertility, lower water tables, lessen the risks of salinization, and help stabilize water supplies.

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Prior to nursing the 3500 fruit trees, RuWCED started by training 35 IDP women from different farming groups on nursery and tree planting, agro-ecology technique, and watershed management at the Regional Nursery in Bamenda. After all presentations and practical/demonstration sessions, participants could not hide their gratitude to RuWCED for the training as they cited some practices they have been carrying out ignorantly which was affecting the environment. They attested that the training served as an eye opener for them and that when they go back home, they will make sure they share the lessons they’ve learned to other farmers in their respective women and farming groups.