At the end of December 2021, RuWCED-Cameroon released an innovative digital intervention app to help Cameroonian women and girls fight gender-based violence (GBV). This app, which was officially released on the Google Playstore, is called “Novawi”, which stands for “No Violence Against Women Initiative”.
GBV and VAWG are endemic in Cameroon with 84% of all Cameroonian women having experienced some form of violence during their lifetime (ReliefWeb, 2020). By using Novawi App, users can report cases of VAWG and GBV to a trusted one, the police, or to a professional who can offer a quick and effective help intervention. Importantly, the App is free and can be installed and used on any internet-enabled Android phone, tablet, or device.
When signing up for the App, users can list the telephone numbers of their trusted ones who will be alerted free of charge whenever the user presses the App’s panic button (i.e., in the case of an emergency when the user experiences a form of GBV or VAWG). Additionally, the App provides users with useful and constantly updated information on VAWG and GBV.
Therefore, the App is not only an initiative to report incidences of GBV and VAWG but it also gives the users the opportunity to gain useful nuggets on, for instance, how to prevent such cases of violence in the first place.


You can download this App from the link below:

Please, also share the link with your friends and family.

Together, let us fight for a safe and fair world, where no woman or girl is prey to the evil of GBV or VAWG!