During the last three months between June and August, RuWCED has completed four cohorts of Girls Club; three in Bamenda and one in Ndop. Each cohort has 12 sessions lasting between three and four hours comprising 25 beautiful young girls some of whom have not been in schools for six years and counting because of the ongoing conflict related shutdown of schools in the Northwest region of Cameroon. In total, RuWCED has during the last three months trained 100 adolescent girls on issues relating to; SRHR, quick income generating activities, leadership, and optimistic sisterhood mobilisation towards women/girls liberation from patriarchy and other forms of VAWG/HP. Young girls and adolescents participating in our girls club learned about the importance of personal values and the process of decision making towards strengthening their self-esteem and voice in their own right.

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As our Coordinator in Ndop, Vera Wirsiy, one of the trainers shared. "They were equally called to consider their values before making decisions and that they have the right to change their decisions if they realized along the way after following the 5 stages of decision making". The girls were made to understand the difference between "sex" and "gender" and also "gender equality" and "gender equity".

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