RuWCED Menstrualhygiene1Prior to the commemoration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, RuWCED organised several activities to train and sensitize women, men, girls, and boys; to raise awareness and combat taboos associated with menstrual hygiene.

RuWCED School2

Atleast 30 girls from RuWCED Ambassadors Club participated in activities, held at Presbyterian Church in Mile 25, Ndop. Such as; discussions, sketches, poems, games and so on. Our staff who coordinated the activities affirmed that they realized that some girls still believe that during menstruation, they’re not supposed to eat any kind of food or drink cold water. It was an opportunity for them to sensitize participants and wipe out the myths and stigma around menstruation in communitiesRuWCED Bamenda on the other hand carried out similar activities. A football match was organised between youths of the Full Gospel Church and Baptist Church to engage men and boys too in menstrual hygiene management. Men and boys can support women and girls to manage menstruation effectively across different social domains including household, community, school, and work.

It was followed by sketches, rap concerts, presentations, discussions on menstrual hygiene management; held at Full Gospel Church in Bambili. Hundreds of people who attended the events appreciated the initiative and vowed to be more open with their children on topics relating to SRHR.



Reactions of some Participants

RuWCED Neba participantNEBA Promise, Youth Leader in Full Gospel Mission, Bambili


“After the football match between youths of the Baptist Church and Full Gospel Church, we discovered that fellowship with one another is important. Today’s live concerts, sketches and discussions enabled me to learn several things, that I used to neglect. Girls are supposed to take care of themselves during menstruation; ensure that they use clean pads and change them several times daily. Now I know that as a husband, my strength is not measured on the number of times I beat my wife. On the contrary, I must show care, concern, and love. Women are not machines and everyone must assist them with household chores especially when they are sick.



RuWCED Tatang participant TATANG Aminata, Youth President/Coordinator for Bambili Baptist Church



“As a man, I have learned that I shouldn’t treat a woman as a slave or as if she is inferior to me. We have equal rights and we need to help each other in life. These lessons gathered have changed my previous perception about men and women. Several people out there still think like I used to, so what I recommend to RuWCED is that, they should speak and caution people out there on gender equality.”







RuWCED Mbah participantMbah Dorine, Participant


“I have benefited a lot as far as menstruation is concerned. Most of us mothers, shy from sensitive topics with our girl children; especially concerning their sexual life. Some of us are not open enough to talk about it. I am returning home with great knowledge and I will implement as the health experts told us. When girls grow up, we have to go closer to them to teach them. My advice to single and young girls is that; they should keep their bodies holy, rather than sleeping with men. Because they will suffer from the consequences in future.”