In respect to an event organized by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), some NGOs such as RuWCED

and others involved in humanitarian works in Cameroon, have on August 17, 2019, commemorated the World Humanitarian Day in the Bamenda Metropolitan Cathedral Hall under the theme, “Celebrating Women Humanitarians.”

Several NGOs who attended the event took turns explaining their activities within the North West Region and how far they’ve impacted various communities within the region especially during this time of crisis. Amongst other activities, there was also presentation of sketches/poetry, paying tribute to the woman. The event ended with a panel discussion and a question and answer session from members of the public present.


Women humanitarians were appreciated for their sacrifice, commitment and efforts in the various humanitarian activities they carry out during this time of crisis which they are the most affected and violated. They were encouraged to carry on the good work and to seek for help whenever need be.

This event served as a platform for organizations to address their worries and to clarify their doubts. It also served as a platform for organizations to exhibit their items and to publicize themselves as well as discovering other organizations and making partnerships in order to provide the communities with the best of facilities and aid. RuWCED was heavily represented and they were able to publicize themselves and reach out to some people on SRHR talks and the vocational institute.

According to statistics revealed by WFP that day, Cameroon has been significantly affected by recent crises and instabilities, leaving some 392,499 refugees, 687,000 IDPs, and vulnerable local host communities, all requiring assistance for long-term livelihood recovery especially in the North West, South West and Far-North Regions.