Ndop Cervical Cancer

A two-day outreach and free consultation of cervical and breast cancer was organized and carried out by the Rural Women Center For Education And Development (RuWCED) at the Ndop District Hospital on the 9th and 10th of September 2019.

This campaign brought together women and girls of diverse backgrounds from the Ndop community. This group of women were schooled on how to carter for their sexual reproductive organs and how to prevent breast and cervical cancer. After the screening, some of the women could not contain their joy and gratitude for such an opportunity.

Tongue AgnesTongue Agnes



My name is Tonge Agnes and I am a farmer. I came for the screening campaign which was announced to us. It was announced to us by one of the staffs of RuWCED who came to our church group the Christian Family Movement of the Catholic Church and announced it there. I feel so relieved now because I was scared that I have the cancer the nurse was talking about. But after doing the test, the nurse told me that I am fine and that I have nothing to worry about. I can now breath very well. I thank RuWCED for this kind gesture and I pray that they should continue in this spirit and should always inform next time.

Mary TabiMary Tabi



My name is Mary Tabi, I am 66yrs and I am a Housewife. I am so happy because I was tested and was told that I am fine. I just want to tell RuWCED that may the lord bless them and may they continue to do their work diligently.

Rahinatu IdrisuRahinatu Idrisu



My name is Rahinatu Idrisu, I am 26yrs and I am a housewife. I came here today for the free screening of breast and cervical cancer. I am very thankful to the organization because now I am certain that I am fine and I am no more afraid.

Kake MamunaKake Mamuna



My name is Kake Memuna and I am a farmer. I am very happy because I have nothing like cancer in my body. I thank RuWCED for this initiative because there are times one just sit in the house and think that all is well when all is not well and vice versa. As they have organized and come, ones doubt will just be cleared now. As for me, I am so fine and I can run up and down and return to my farm.