COVID 19 1

RuWCED proceeded with some activities; providing hand washing buckets and soaps for people in the community. We placed these buckets in different places; at the market entrance, park, checkpoints etc, to encourage hand washing.

Most people present were happy and opted to assist. In addition, RuWCED did a caravan tour around the Ndop community (Mile 27, Mile 25 and other quarters). We raised awareness on COVID-19, distributed some face masks to the elderly and young bike riders to encourage the prevention of the virus.
Despite our efforts, we noticed that some people within the community consider COVID-19 as a myth, but we are happy that the majority accept the fact that they have to put on face masks and take other precautions.

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RuWCED Ndop took another phase for the prevention of COVID-19, still in line with measures put in place by WHO and Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health.
RuWCED encouraged regular hand washing with soap and running water in the community; thanks to the DO of Ndop Central in Ngoketungia, Mr. Nkenemo Michelle and the representative of the DMO, Mrs Shu Claudia Spens who were there with the team. The event began with a short talk and practical hand washing exercise. In the days ahead the team will continue with this activity around the community by placing water and soap in some public places.