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RuWCED has on October 12, trained medical personnel on non-judgmental Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Service provision in Koutaba, West Region of Cameroon.

The program which was coordinated by Samuel Leboh, had nine (09) participants in attendance, representing different health units in Koutaba. They were trained on values and attitudes, preparation and client assessment/rights-based approach to Sexual Reproductive Health service provision, contraception and psychosocial support. Mrs. Ndah Grace, a Reproductive Health expert facilitated the training session.

The facilitator defined value as the importance/worth attached to something by someone or the amount of money you receive for something. She made the participants know that it’s very important for them to value their clients’ output, confidentiality, tolerance, kindness etc. she went ahead to define attitude as the way you feel towards someone or something. She emphasized that as a medical personnel, they should have a good feeling towards their patients and that they should always be willing to help, not being judgmental because their attitude alone can cause some people to stop visiting the hospital when they are sick.

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The trainer further defined preparation as the state of being ready to receive a client and client assessment as the gathering of information about a patient. She mentioned that, in order to access, they need to communicate effectively, attend first to life threatening situations, recognize where they will need help and call for appropriate help early. She concluded that every nurse should consider their attitude, values, and level of preparedness in order to render effective services.

At the end of the program, participants thanked RuWCED for the initiative and for the knowledge, which they had received. They expressed how eager they were for the next session.