Farewell to Julia Rombach, our International Volunteer and two of our computer Diploma students; Juliet and Odette Nga who left before graduation. Julia left all the comfort of being home and travelled to serve at RuWCED-Ndop for one year . During her year of service, she has taught German Language at Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Ndop, supported our sexual and reproductive health education program, and started a handicraft project among others! She is such an incredible courageous young woman!!


               A Smiling team Cheering with Vera

JuliaD  JuliaG

JuliaC JuliaF 



We say thank you to Vera Wirsiy, Yvonne, Helen Boos and the entire RuWCED' team who made this day a great success. Helen is still in Cameroon working with RuWCED and we will be welcoming two more International volunteers at RuWCED-Ndop by the end of August 2015 for one year of service with us.


At RuWCED we are making a diference! Together, we can make the difference!