Which role which women/girls play in COVID-19?

COVID 19 is a global pandemic which started in Wuhan-China in December 2019. So far, it has claimed about 46 000 lives and there are still over 921 000 confirmed cases. Governments of various countries all over the world have waged serious wars against this disease.

Women/girls on their part have a very big role to play in quest to curb and bring an end to this pandemic. Some of which are examined below;

The home is a very important place in the fight of this dreaded virus, and in most cases homes run by women. It is therefore their duty to inform and educate  members of the home (most especially kids) about the viruses, take practical measures to help control this pandemic like ensuring the washing of hands regularly with running water and soap or using hand sanitizers, staying indoors, maintaining a 1 metre distance from people in case they go out, avoid receiving visitors, ensure food and meat is probably prepared, keeping the throat wet often, making sure clothes are well ironed before use, inform medical personnels in case of any symptoms like running nose, cough, fever and difficulties in breathing and most of all keeping the house and environment clean. All these task can easily be carried out by women due to their availability in most homes and the natural sense of love, care and concern they possess. Pius1 COVID19Figure 1 World Health Organisation Guide on COVID-19

Moreover, breastfeeding mothers have a role to play in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Hands should be thoroughly washed before giving breast milk to a baby, visitors should not be allowed to carry a baby, in cases where necessary hands should be thoroughly washed.

Pius2 COVID19Figure 2 World Health Organisation Guide on COVID-19

One very important point which cannot be left out is the market. The market (especially the food sector) is mainly occupied by women/girls. Women/girls should therefore take strict hygienic measures to keep the markets and food safe. Foodstuffs should be well covered (especially those that can be eaten immediately after purchase). Women/girls in the market should educate their peers about COVID-19 and measures that will help curb the spread in the market like covering of noses with the inner elbow when sneezing, avoid close contact with others and avoid crowding in a particular area.

Besides women/girls can go a long way in the fight to contain this disease by sharing the preventive measures on COVID-19 on various social media platforms. They can educate the old and ignorant in their communities who might not be able to have access to the social media.

In conclusion, this write-up examined how women/girls have enormous roles to play in quest to curb and bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, they need support from men/boys in order to perform their tasks or play their role effectively in the society. If the above points are implemented by women/girls, I strongly believe together we will prevent COVID-19 from the world in general, and our communities in particular.

By: PIUS AZABU, for RuWCED COVID-19 Challenge 2020