Protect Ourselves and the Elderly

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by corona virus (SARS-CO-2) it is transmitted from person to person by droplets inhaled when a person coughs or sneezes and touches contaminated surfaces and objects. The virus can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

It has an incubation period of 2-14days and presents with symptoms such as fever, cough, high temperature and shortness of breath. It affects all races and all age groups but those with severe medical conditions like Heart failure, Lung or Kidney diseases, weakened immune system and older adults are more susceptible. On the 30th of January 2020, World Health Organization announced its outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern. As of 4th March 2020, cases of COVID-19 have been reported in 202 countries with china being the 1st country. Globally, there have been 837,014 cases, 41,238 deaths (31/03/2020), and recovered 176,520. Several countries have proven that Covid-19
transmission from one person to another can be slowed or stopped. The following ways can be used:

Firstly, wash hands frequently that is regular and thorough cleaning of hands with alcohol-based rub (60%) or wash them with soap and running water. This helps to kill viruses that may be on one’s hands (hand washing according to WHO should last for 20-30 seconds).

Secondly, maintain social distancing that is maintaining at least 1meter (3 feet) distance between one’s self, others and those presenting with flu-like symptoms.

Thirdly, practice Respiratory hygiene by making sure you and the people around you follow good respiratory hygiene that is by covering mouth and nose with bent elbows or tissue when one coughs or sneezes then dispose of the used tissue immediately this is so because droplets spread the infection.

Also, if it is noticed that an adult or elderly presents with flu-like symptoms such as fever, catarrh, and cough should seek medical care. Seeking medical advice allows for right referrals to help with the capacity to handle Covid-19 thus preventing its spread.

Furthermore, we should avoid crowded areas most especially when it’s poorly ventilated and reduce the number of people who visit the elderly.

Also ensure that food is prepared and handled well.

Moreover, educate family members and the elderly to quit smoking as smoking damages the lungs and elderly people with diseases such as Heart and, Respiratory diseases, cancer and diabetes should be advice to take their medicines as prescribed and keep distance from sick people.

Finally, people should be educated on the rate at which they speak to reduce the spread, restrict traveling, education on how to make locally made face mask using tissue, rubber and stapler and also how to wear a medical face mask that’s white part out for those not infected, blue part out for those infected and those with flu. If the above measures are implemented it will help stop the spread of
covid-19 thus protecting ourselves and the elderly.

By: NDI TELMA GIEJEH, for RuWCED COVID-19 Challenge 2020