Message to our  health personnel, especially the female(s)

Life is such a mystery
Sometimes it presents with much hope, esteem, happiness and love.
But sometimes do come when the hope become hopeless and the esteem become doom.
The happiness becomes sadness and sorrow

Love remains love but lack qualities it should normally possess
And such is a situation we are facing now

A complete lockdown all over the world because a deadly viral disease popularly known as COVID19 which started as an epidemic and now a pandemic.
All offices, businesses, markets and schools closed but the hospitals still remain still remain open because the Heroes of humanity are there to save their lovely population.

Health personnel: our front line soldiers work endlessly without loosing hope just for us even without knowing the cure of the disease.
The number of deaths keep on increasing but you continue to work because a live save is priceless.
Despite knowing how deadly the virus is and how it spreads so easily you work endlessly hoping a cure comes someday.
Despite the low salaries, night duties, forgoing your families and holidays, people misjudge you but you stand still to save them.

This write up goes most especially to our females be it doctor, nurses who bear the highest risk for being with the patient all through their treatment, lab technicians, cleaners, etc.
We wish you all the best. May God's blessings be with you throughout this period.
Your words of encouragement and the education shall not fall on deaf ears.

By: Nulayeh Vanesa Menge, for RuWCED COVID-19 Challenge 2020