Message to our health personnel especially women

Covid-19 is a virus that affect the respiratory track and can be spread from one person to the other through air droplets.

Women, you are considered the mother of the world by nature base of your ability to care for mankind.

Statistics worldwide sure that the majority of nurses are women. of course the primary function of a nurse is care, this support the hypothesis

life is so precious; life has no price. our health personnel especially women in particular, you have shown so much concern to the world concerning the corona pandemic and you hold the safety and wellbeing of those affected your paramount concern.

Our medical personnel, women in particular has the ability to care for life irrespective of who is involve. your tireless effort towards restoring life in this particular period in the world cannot be undermined and no one can ever pay you for this. You have sacrifice your sleep, family, leisure and everything in life and have taken the risk to care for the victims of this virus knowing very well that you are at risk caring for corona patients, yet you put in your best. through your work definitely you will be protected by the creator of the universe for doing His will which is to care for life. your reward is in the Heavenly place. God bless you our medical professionals.

By: BANLA MARCEL NSHIOM, for RuWCED COVID-19 Challenge 2020