COVID-19 is a mystery to humanity, an unmerited slap to the face of man (woman) who is known to be the master over everything in the universe, yet this so-called COVID-19 of a thing has left us perplexed.

To all our health personnel fighting unceasingly against the COVID-19, I wish my words would be motivational and encouraging enough to keep you going, I equally hope that it be a solemn but strong booster to your morale. The challenge is overwhelming and baffling, but I know you are overcomers. I wish some words of mine sink deeply into your hearts and create impact just as the silent voice that whispers to you at every time ‘’don’t give up’’. Keep striving for the days ahead are bright, and after this is gone, the world will be a better place and you will be proud of yourselves for being part of the warriors who defeated this unknown enemy.

So many are spreading information on social media on the possible remedies to this pandemic. Yet, as time goes on the pandemic still seems undefeated. Some of their proposed solutions include; regularly washing hands with soap, social distancing, constant use of hand sanitizer, in brief (personal hygiene) and the most popular which is considered the most effective is for persons to stay at home. I keep asking myself ‘what really is the solution to this health hazard that even the best physicians in the world are unable to find a cure as it stands?’. After lot of thinking I can only conclude that -- this virus is beyond the natural, beyond the understanding of man, but I am convinced time will tell.

The most impressing thing about all these is the fact that you are not giving up just yet. You keep putting your lives at stake to see into it that this world threat of a virus is exterminated from planet earth. I salute your bravery. Your steadfastness and unceasing efforts to save humanity cannot be rewarded. Even if all the wealth in the world was given to you, it still won’t be enough. Keep up with the marvelous job you are doing. A reward that is far more than human gifts will be granted you. I salute you my warriors.

To our mothers and sisters in the field, woman is mother of humanity, whenever humanity cries woman bleeds. Stand firm in your endeavour to keep humanity alive, your efforts are not going un-noticed. God who is the ultimate source of strength will continue to endow you with lot of power and knowledge to go on carrying out your task with conviviality. In the absence of woman this war would have been even more complex. We thank you mother Earth. I pray that God continues to strengthen you and together as one person we will win this war against this unseen enemy that is claiming to ravage our heritage.

By Acham Clinton Keng, for RuWCED COVID-19 Challenge 2020