RuWCED HIV Preventiona

RuWCED embarks on a Division wide HIV/AIDS prevention, care, nutrition and anti-stigma education program aimed atreaching 50,000 youths in the 13 villages of Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Thirty nine peer educators trained from the 13 villages, educational and support outreaches on-going, free and voluntary mass screening on-going at our hubs in the different villages. 


RuWCEDWomendaysensitizationwithyouths RuWCEDstudentscuedupfortestingduringVTCB

                         Sensitization campaign                                                                       Students cued up for HIV testing

Our team is determined to make the zero new infection target a reality. Our strategy is; learn how to prevent HIV/AIDS, care for and treat infected friends/relatives without stigmatizing them, spread the message to your peers and get tested to know your own status. If it happens, please know that being HIV+ is not a dead sentence. 

 RuWCEDGroupPicPeereducatorsA RuWCED Reaching our to students

Peer Educators trained by the RuWCED' Team

A big thank you to our wonderful project staff and peer educators! Together we can make the difference in our communities.


Taking HIV/AIDS prevention and care to everyone in our community

RuWCED HIV PreventionaRuWCED HIV Prevention

Bike riders trained at RuWCED  distributing condoms and educating the community on HIV/AIDS

   RuWCED HIV reventionBike