pictureIConsidering that in some rural communities girls are still being given to marriage as early as years and to men who sometimes double or triple their ages, they tend to have no voice in negotiating for safe sex and their family sizes just to name a few. Oppression from their already very elderly husbands and total ignorance on reproductive health contribute to this voicelessness. On the one hand, these children leave primary school (for those who go) without any basic knowledge about reproduction and on the other hand, there is the culture of silence around sex and sex education at home which deprives them of learning from their mothers. 

They therefore face marriage in a very ignorant and unprepared way and are forced to embrace other ensuing consequences which my span up to and include maternal and infantile deaths. We are interested in disrupting such as social system by promoting reproductive education for the girl child. To do this, we employ formal and informal methods during our sanitary pad distribution programs. We are currently setting up a mobile rural reproductive health education center in our organization where our nurses will offer intensive three weeks courses quarterly to both already married women and girls at the verge of marriage. Women who excel well and spread the knowledge gained will benefit educational assistance for their girl children in secondary schools.

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